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This conference has literally changed the way I run my business. I visit Conference2017 annually to share my own ideas and learn something new.

Managing UX-pectations

The enterprise agile landscape presents a unique challenge for the management of UX.

All of the players, from executives to developers, have differing expectations of how UX should be incorporated into development cycles and how it’s progress can be measured. In large-scale developments UX can be seen as the handbrake holding back delivery, but brakes are...

The 360 Degree Service Journey

Frontline staff and managers are people too. So why do we so often overlook the employee experience when designing for customers?

We do lengthy research and create elaborate customer journeys that pinpoint the pain points and moments of truth that businesses need to get right, but there are two sides to every story. What about the poor frontline staff who have to provide this magical new service experience?

Design Team in a Product-driven Company, While Having Fun

User Experience disciplines are gaining importance and a voice at the big tables.

At the same time, both startups and mature companies are changing the way they operate: think lean, act nimble, have a sharp focus on the product. This transition has opened the doors for new challenges and new opportunities for design leaders, and a new kind of game.

Customers and Colleagues Connecting for Change

The benefits of research are well known and that’s why we need to deeply understand customer needs

Armed with these insights, we as researchers become passionate advocates for our end users. The challenge is passing that passion on. How do we infect every colleague in every corner of our business with the same empathy for and understanding of customer needs?